E Safety Week

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This week we have been thinking about the focus for Safer Internet Day 2016 – ‘Play your part for a better internet’. Knowle Park Primary wrote positive comments about others to encourage a friendlier internet. We also thought about what to do if we saw an unkind comment. Take a look at our video! Happy Safer internet day!

Autumn and harvest songs

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Autumn leaves are falling down,

twisting turning round and round,

landing softly on the ground,

Autumn time is here!



there is a farmer who stands in his fields,

And he sees all the work to be done,

he has been watching for many a month,

He’s been waiting for this day to come!


Theres a song to sing as the harvest comes in,

To the one who gives sunshine and rain,

Let us all join in with a thank offering,

For the harvest that’s gathered again!


autumn time is drawing near,

apples acorns bread and beer,

taking turns and having fun,

autumn times for every one!



The Snowman and the Bear by FrAnK

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One winter morning there lived in Asia besides the Mount Everest underneath the Enchanted Forest there lived a tremendous terrible bear named Alaska! He had blood dripping down him everywhere. He was killing anyone who stood in his way. In desperation the King offered a wonderful lifetime in Hollywood to anyone who could destroy this terrible beast.

Knights came and knights went, some ran like a jet, a soon as they had one glimpse at Alaska.NO one could destroy this bear…

Harvest Poem By Roheen, Helana and Mollie

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H arvest time is drawing near.

A pple, acorns, bread and beer.

R ed, orange, yellow and brown.

V egtables and tumbling down.

E ating, sharing and having fun.

S carecrows are looking at everyone.

T ogether we will never be just one.

FISH SPEICIES by Keiran, Krish (5RW/NC) and Lucas (5JR)

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fresh water fish

Carp these fish eat maggots ,worms and sweetcorn.

Rainbow trout eat flys and grasshoppers

Wels catfish eat other fish

Chub eat sweet corn and worms

Bass eat rubber jigs

Zander eat other fish

Pike eat other fish and live bait also they eat boilies

Perch eat small minnows

Roach eat worms,magots and also pinkies


Football and Tennis blog by Silvie and Harry (4nc)

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Harry and me are writing a football and tennis blog I hope you enjoy it !!


Harry plays for witchurch coltes , he’s really good at football😄😄😄 . I don’t play but practise in the park sometimes . We used to go to Tennis then to football training and then to McDonald’s and AngelBerry but then we stopped . Women’s football is quite different to men’s . It’s still very tough though . Most Saturday’s after AngelBerry we sit playing Fifa 15 and the over day FIFA 16 . Me and Harry decided to play women’s World Cup and we won! Harry likes to get involved in anything football but I am more picky , I will play with my family but not at school as the cage is very busy!!! We both collected stickers for the World Cup (I got 321 and Harry got 231) now we are starting to collect for the Euro and get football stickers , Harry is half polish so he also supports Poland if you see him around school ask him how Poland got on 😉🙊🙊🐻🙈. I am telling you more in the next blog


We also do tennis on Wednesdays . I also do it on Mondays and Saturdays . We made some friends there called Trixie Remona Andee Ava(Smasher is her nickname she is in 4fj) and Emily and Uscief . We play on orange ball and its realllllyyyyy fun ! We play a game called Champions where the winner goes up , RIP city with Dave , Jailbreak where you hit and dodge balls and my personal favourite chicken run . Though me and Harry or me and Trixie are great at doubles !! We also entered competitions and I won first time came second on my second and came first on finals day , beating Jerimia!! We support Andy Murrey , Jamey Murrey , Jamey Ward , Laura Robson and Heather Watson . Andy Murrey is world number three winning men’s singles in Wimbledon ! We both like this sport as It can be fun and easy to access . Moreover , Harry enjoys the great games and doing Delightful Doubles ! We fill proud of ourselves to be doing that well !!- though Harry goes a bit Crazy!


Finally, we’d like to tell you what football teams we supprot

hHarry supports Man U boooo and Barcelona and I support Arsenal Bristol Rovers and Portugal oh and of course we both support England ! If u liked this blog and want us to write more please comment down below !!!!!!!!

Acrostic Poem by Silvie and Roheen

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Wooly hats galore

Ivy hanging from the door

Not a lot of sun …

Though miles of fun

Every single day..

Really great times !

What facts about Canada can you blog?

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Do you want to have the tastiest meal ever?….

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      In this text , I will tell you how to have the most delicious and healthiest meal ever . You need an oven And some ingredients . Those will be said in the what you do bit !

what you do :

  1. Get some chicken fillets and slice them up delicately
  2. Next,get some natural breadcrumbs(I’m sure you can get them form Asda’s ) and pour out about a handful of them(Depending on the size of your chicken strips)
  3. Place your chicken on a tray or plate and cover them in butter ( definitley from tesco and Asda’s dairy section ) all over . – This is an alternitave to egg as I do not know how to do it with egg !
  4. After smothering them in butter , roll them in your handful of breadcrumbs
  5. Then, you need to cook them by the oven (I don’t know where you get one of these ) for 35-40 minutes
  6. You can’t just eat them on their own – though there great for snacks- you need a side .
  7. Curly fries ! You can get them form tesco , I know this isn’t healthy but you have to have a treat . Cook them for a treat on the side .
  8. now, carbohydrates ! I know potatoes are but it would go well with rice or a chicken nugget sandwich !
  9. Vegetables , you choose . My personal favourite are piri piri carrot chips (which are easy to make ) or broccoli or mushrooms . May even serve with baked beans or letuce . Probably I would have peas !
  10. Your starving …. Don’t worry have starters. For starters I would have pizza breads , you make these by getting slices of bread(from a packet or loaf) and spreading tomato purée on them and then sprinkles of mozzarella , red lecture or cheddar cheese . Put in the oven for five to ten minuets .
  11. Drink , of course ?!? I usually sip a water or milk but of course there are others . Apple Juice is nice but a healthier version would be freshly squeezed orange juices made by you ! Just squeeze an orange in a cup and remember to take out yucky pips . Tonic water is also healthy but fizzy as well as lime ‘n soda
  12. now enjoy ! – and thank me 😹

Okay , hmm… Let me think , I created this recipe all by myself so please give it a go ! And also if you liked this recipe read more of my blogs and watch Matilda and the Ramsey bunch on cbbc or visit cbbc’s home page and go onto all shows and select Matilda(Tilly)and the Ramsey bunch x


The secret princess…..

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  1. I am Elena but everyone calls me Blyithe or Ashlyn . Elena is my real name my birth name when I was on the palace before I was adopted .  Blyithe or Ashlyn is what my foster parents wated me to be called so the two names stuck . We live in a small city flat on CHERRY CORNER it sounds  posh it does well thats a mistake . Its in a big estate with loads of Rough people .Tall men with little skinny boys , men going to the gym , pale pasty plump ladies putting there garbage out with their short little girls to help while people like Old Cookie and Miss Kelly like to yell at each other and swear across houses but finally the teenagers . Out late st night burning things in girl gangs and boy gangs I am a teenager but not one of the gangs . I stay inside we have no garden just a little slide for the whole estate . Cherry Park thats rubbish . We have no balcony either just a plain old flat . I could be living in the palaces right now but I am not . Its all the queen and Kingd fault as my real mum and dad sent me to a foster home . I make calls to them on secret They left me with a phone with only their number on so I was sure it wad theres . Actually ,I rang right there as I was home alone for two weeks as Lynn and Robert  were on holiday in Jamaica . I told mum/queen everything . “Oh thats nice Ellie yes  darling I was wondering if you wanted to visit for your summer holidays I am getting bored of flashing cameras you will give them some intrest on the T.V!” Mum said . She didnt want anyoge to know her and dad put me in card . I halted then my heart melted . I imagined myself eating delicious fruit feasts , walking down the pathway in pitch black alone with the welcoming roses glowing after a night of partying with all my friends , chilling by the pool listening to Mason Noise with Tiffany and Tillie and shooting photos with a really pretty white lace new vitange dress with wisp of my blonde hair .
I didnt hesitate ,I didnt think I just replied “Yes mum,”I paused….”Queen Adeline and King Seth !Just for two weeks though !” I said . “Yes yes honey !” She giggled though mubled something like ‘or more …’